Diseases, Pathogens & Parasites of Herpetofauna Task Team

Task Team Purpose

Photo by Todd Pierson

Photo by Todd Pierson

This team's goal is to increase awareness of herpetofaunal pathogens and the occurrence of  herpetofauna morbidity and mortality events in the Southeast US. The Task Team develops information sheets on herpetofaunal pathogens, primarily those that impact populations.  The team also provides protocols for collecting and shipping diseased animals and instructions on disinfecting field equipment.

This team was involved in the collaboration that developed the Global Ranavirus Reporting System (GRRS; https://mantle.io/grrs), and provides interactive workshops on herpetofaunal diseases, necropsy techniques, and submission protocols to diagnostic laboratories. In addition to these outreach activities, the team has published several peer reviewed manuscripts on the above topics.


Task Team Leaders

Task Team Products

Information sheets developed by this team on pathogens of amphibians and reptiles and their collecting/shipping protocols are available on the Diseases and Parasites of Herpetofauna product section SEPARC website.

Task Team Meeting Summaries