SEPARC Diversity Statement

As a regional working group of Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC), Southeast PARC (SE PARC) is a diverse group of partners dedicated to the conservation of herpetofauna (reptiles and amphibians) and their habitats. Our membership includes individuals from state and federal agencies, conservation organizations, museums, pet trade industry, nature centers, zoos, energy industry, universities, herpetological organizations, research laboratories, forest industries, environmental consultants, and enthusiasts who share a passion for these species and their conservation. The southeastern United States contains a high diversity of amphibians and reptiles and we are faced with the challenge of effective conservation for all of them.

This goal of effective conservation requires diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Southeast PARC aspires to be an all-inclusive group and a resource for everyone who values herpetofauna and their habitats. To be a diverse and inclusive group of like-minded citizens, we strive to encompass individuals from many different backgrounds including, but not limited to, those of different gender identity, ethnicity, religious background, and sexual orientations.  Increasing diversity of membership is a goal of SE PARC, as well as many of our partnering individuals, agencies, and organizations.