Roads Task Team

Task Team Purpose

The PARC Roads Task Force is a national effort with working groups represented in each of the 5 PARC regions.

The Force is a solution-driven and product-oriented effort to increase the presence and efficiency of proactive transportation planning and secondary mitigation of real estate and infrastructure development. 

Our objectives focus on enhancing transportation planning for wildlife and fall under three broad initiatives:

  1. To increase communication between scientific, governmental, and public sectors of society;
  2. To gather and disseminate information on federal, state, and private-level transportation planning processes; and
  3. To target future research that can be applied by transportation professionals. 

Although our initiatives often use amphibians and reptiles as model species, our goal is to develop solutions and products that can be applied to other taxa. Efforts of contributing individuals range from identifying locations of concern and facilitating communication for road mitigation initiatives, conducting research on sensitive species or testing mitigation designs for roads, and communicating with transportation agencies on how and when biologists can best assist in providing information needed for road design.

Task Team Leaders

  • Vacant