Reintroduction & Translocation Task Team

Task Team Purpose

Photo by Lance Paden

Photo by Lance Paden

The purpose of forming the PARC Reintroduction Task Team was to provide a forum for discussions regarding the use of this potential conservation tool. The task team will be able to discuss issues surrounding the use of reintroductions, population augmentations, as well as related topics, such as head-starting and captive rearing. It is expected that we will discuss effective techniques, problems, and evaluate the suitability and feasibility of certain species versus others, based on life history and behavioral traits. The task team has posted a list of relevant literature citations on the topics of reintroduction, repatriation, and relocation (below).

Bibliography of Translocation Literature

(available in three formats)

  1. Word file with the citations only

  2. Word file including both citations and abstracts where available

  3. Searchable Endnote file for those of you who use the program

Task Team Leaders

  • Tracey Tuberville (Savannah River Ecology Lab)

  • Kurt Buhlmann (Savannah River Ecology Lab)

Useful IUCN Guidelines

Guidelines for Reintroductions and Other Conservation Translocations

IUCN Guidelines for the Placement of Confiscated Animals

Guidelines for the management of confiscated, live organisms

Task Team Meeting Summaries