The Regions of PARC

To learn about our national parent organization, visit the official PARC website.

PARC is organized into five officially recognized regional working groups that serve as the operating entities of the PARC network. Through this system, PARC can focus on national and regional herpetofaunal conservation challenges. Northeast (NE PARC), Southeast (SE PARC), Midwest (MW PARC), Southwest (SW PARC), and Northwest (NW PARC) working groups have been established to allow for specific communication within each region. In addition, at this time we officially recognize the following state chapters and subunits: Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and the Caribbean. Click on a region or state chapter on the map below to be directed to the appropriate website.

Each region identifies its priorities and activities. They also work on national projects such as the National Habitat Management Guidelines and the upcoming development of the Inventory and Monitoring Protocol Series. PARC relies on creativity, resources, and donated time provided from each region. The regions offer tremendous opportunities to become involved in PARC and do your part to advance Reptile and Amphibian conservation where you live.